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Will kratom show up in a urine test ?

"Is it possible to do a urine analyze to expose kratom?"

Yes.  There is one detailed file of someones urine that was tested tested for mitragynine. Ingestion of kratom may direct to a measurable content of kratom alkaloid residue and its metabolites in the urine. What is clear, conversely, that kratom use is not analyzed in even the most complete drugs test that someone canbump into in a drugs-screening context.  Even in case you are being analyzed for labor, college, probation parole, or the US Armed Forces, they will not analyze you for kratom. Because kratom powder is legal in all or most of the western world, so no goal to check for it.

Will it show a false positive  on a drug test?

No, It will not. 

The effectivealkaloids in kratom leaves are chemically speaking distinctive from everything being analyzed for in a NIDA5 or even deepened (10-panel) urine screen.  It is not likely that mitragynine and so on. might cause a false positive for morphine, methadone, or something else that is analyzed for on these tests.

There are however a few medications that can end in a false positive conclusion in a drug test.  Ephedrine or Ibuproven (THC) for example . Besides poppy seed bagels and certain other poppy seed bread rolls will confirm as an opiate too, by way of a 24 hrs half life. Formerly at military test services they in 

fact chanced to hair tests in stead of  urine, basically since,while you are in training, they ate poppy seed decorated bagels,  with breakfast. So 10 out of 
10 person tested positive for opiates (heroin) followed eating a bagel and doing the urine test  that very day. If you are being drug tested, make sure to tell the testing entity about all prescription and OTC medicines you are taking to avoid such problems.  There is no need to tell them about your kratom use.

Science report stating that it can be found

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